Trinateez Please!

Anonymous asked: I don't think that girl triniteez ams good for yous Skwisgaar. She ain't treats you right.


She ams real spoileds, ja. But she amen’ts all so bad~

Plus, haves you seens her ass?

Smooches anon ;) 



Mmm. Mmm.Mmm(She hummed as the tall man approached, circling around him and allowing her hands to brash over his shoulders.) Baby doll you look good enough to eat. You clean up real well. (She admired how he looked in his formal attire. Broad and handsome, just the way she liked. But she wasn’t about to let him know that. When she completely her circle she brushed passed him very deliberately, letting her hand slowly slip down his chest slowly as she did. 

( In all honesty she didn’t know why she invited him? Out of spite of her boyfriend perhaps? Maybe to present him with a man who actually did desire over whatever Victoria secret model strutted through the door. It might be that…but it almost might the the fact that she hasn’t been able to get him out of her head since their ‘night’s spent together. Not in a romantic sense but in an ego sense. He was probably the most famous rockstar on the planet, could get any woman he wanted, could have told her to go fuck herself that night….but yet here he is standing in her home.

It looks like he was interested in more after all. 

She walked down the vastly large hallway, dimly lit from soft candles along the walls and down the stairway. Some may call it a bit flashy but hey, she worked hard for her money. She made her way over to a large hallway mirror, brushing her cream dress off and fluffing the ends of her hair.)

I’m glad you came baby...(She cooed, reaching into the tight top of her dress and pulled out a small tube of pearl tinted lip gloss.) Believe it or not...(She puckered he lips in the mirror.) 

You’re my only friend here. (She smiled at him through the reflection of the mirror.)  

(He followed her through the house, noticing all the fancy little details here and there. It wasn’t really his type of thing. Don’t get him wrong, he enjoyed being rich himself, but it was a little too ‘glamourous’ for his own personal tastes. He wasn’t here to judge anyone’s living space, though, and it wasn’t like he had any idea where anything was.

He watched her primp herself.) I’s your onlys friends here? Dat ament’s reallies too surprisingks, everyone here ams real fake. Makes me wants to throws up.

(Speaking of fake things, what about that loser Trinity was dating? He seemed like a complete douchebag. If he was going to walk off with other girls, then maybe Trin could go somewhere with him…?)

So you wants to go somewheres where we won’ts be bothered? Maybes get aways from alls dese losers? (He approached her from behind, wrapping an arm around her waist. It seemed like no one was around to pay him any attention. He whispered in her ear.)

And maybes you won’ts kicks me in de balls dis times, ja? Since we ams apparentlies friends now, rights Trinateez~?

(It was a bit flashy, yes. Personally a little big for her exact taste but they somehow had to manage to fit 3 garages full of unnecessarily  foreign  cars that neither her nor L drove, both an indoor AND outdoor basket ball and pool. But appearances are appearances. She paid her dues to BET by allowing the ‘cribs’ entourage to hustle through back when L got his start. Hell the little hut her and her sister lived in back in the Caribbean felt more comfortable and like home than this place. She would much prefer something more small and intimate. 

speaking of intimate…

She felt his arms slip around her waist. Allowing a small smirk to cross her lips, she dipped her tube of gloss back in her top, rolling her eyes when he pressed lips to her ear.) 

Ain’t that kinda rude? The host just up and leavin’ the party? (She inhaled, pressing back against him folding her arms over his spitefully.) 

Well…I guess everyone’s good’n drunk now. S’pose they won’t notice. (She smirked) Not that I give much of a damn. You go some place special in mind? 

(They were L’s friends anyway. Or the people he pretended to be anyway. Her head slowly leaned back against his shoulder,  keeping her eyes looked on both their reflection in the mirror.) 

'Sides…(She smiled slowly) I suppose I owe you a proper apology. 

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